I just finished 7 interviews in 8 hours. I was lucky to have the easy ones otherwise I would be able to do only half. 4 more interviews to finish tomorrow and I will be ready to take more submissions.
I publish one interview per day in the order I receive them so some of them they will be published in January.
Thank you to all authors they’ve trusted me.

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  1. Hi Romelia,
    I don’t know how you go about choosing which author to interview, but I would be interested. To make things easier, I do have a ready-made interview if you wanted to re-post it. I came up with the idea of interviewing myself after several blog interviews that I did. They are meant to be fun and humorous. If you would like to read it (I also recorded it to post on SoundCloud), drop me a line @ or visit my WP site.
    Hope to hear from you!

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