NADIA DAVIS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 21 YEARS OLD Romelia: WHAT IS THE MOST DIFFICULT PART OF YOUR ARTISTIC PROCESS? Nadia Davis: The most challenging part of the artistic process to me is ensuring that I only include needed information. Knowing what information to have or remove can be difficult when ensuring that you convey your point.  The other thing that I found most difficult … Continuă să citești AUTHOR INTERVIEW 4


Anthony Mitchell United States 52 years old Romelia: WHICH OF YOUR CHARACTERS ARE MOST LIKELY TO BE AN ACTIVIST, AND WHAT KIND? Anthony Mitchell: I would have to say my junior high coach simply for what he sacrificed for me to play and others that followed after me. Romelia: DO YOU PLAY MUSIC WHILE YOU WRITE – AND, IF SO, WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE? Anthony Mitchell: … Continuă să citești AUTHOR INTERVIEW 3

Books for Life Magazine

The first edition of the magazine Books for Life was published on 26th of August. The second edition will be published on the 26th of September. Each edition will have 25 authors. The style it is unique and different than other magazines. At the moment you can find the magazine on FLIPHTML5 and Amazon. Soon will be distributed in the shops worldwide too. Continuă să citești Books for Life Magazine