NADIA DAVIS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 21 YEARS OLD Romelia: WHAT IS THE MOST DIFFICULT PART OF YOUR ARTISTIC PROCESS? Nadia Davis: The most challenging part of the artistic process to me is ensuring that I only include needed information. Knowing what information to have or remove can be difficult when ensuring that you convey your point.  The other thing that I found most difficult … Continuă să citești AUTHOR INTERVIEW 4


Anthony Mitchell United States 52 years old Romelia: WHICH OF YOUR CHARACTERS ARE MOST LIKELY TO BE AN ACTIVIST, AND WHAT KIND? Anthony Mitchell: I would have to say my junior high coach simply for what he sacrificed for me to play and others that followed after me. Romelia: DO YOU PLAY MUSIC WHILE YOU WRITE – AND, IF SO, WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE? Anthony Mitchell: … Continuă să citești AUTHOR INTERVIEW 3


Romelia: WHAT IS A SIGNIFICANT WAY YOUR BOOK HAS CHANGED SINCE THE FIRST DRAFT?   Freddie Wilson: Need more edit, revision before it  begin to come more together missing conversations dialogue . Romelia: WHAT PERSPECTIVES OR BELIEFS HAVE YOU CHALLENGED WITH THIS WORK? Freddie Wilson: As an aspiring author I would say no one gets it right the first time. We/I struggle most times when … Continuă să citești AUTHOR INTERVIEW