New project

I am writing a magazine about authors and their books. The magazine will be  worldwide distributed, like this everyone will find out about your work and for sure you gone have more sales.
It doesn’t matter if you have just one book or 20 books.
If you are interested please contact me or just leave a comment and I will contact you.

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      1. The price for this will be $10 for each title you have. You will pay one by one as will appear in the magazine.
        You just have to send me:
        An author photo
        A small biography
        Your book cover
        A description of your book
        The platform where you sell your books
        And optional your contact details so the people they like your book can get in contact with you and know you better.
        The payment will be made via PayPal. You will pay me only after you see the page dedicated to you.
        Thank you.

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