Where is the Killer: A Book of Friendship, Suspense, and Love

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Freelance Writer: Vienne Aquino

Love comes in different forms ranging from well-known romantic love and the underrated love that people experience in their family, may it be paternal or maternal love. This is a prominent topic found in books, which depict various kinds of love that relate to the readers. It encourages the people to feel what these books’ characters are going through: empathize with them through the bad times, and feel their hearts warming on the book’s character’s experiences. This establishes the book and the reader’s connection, a connection found in Romelia Lungu’s book Where is the Killer. It is a book crafted creatively and portrays philia, eros, and paternal love.

            A book with an intense story featuring extreme characters leaves readers wondering how it is written behind the curtains. Some questions driven by readers’ curiosity would be answered one-by-one in this article by the author herself. Where is the Killer is a book that piqued people’s mind with its great storyline and led them to be curious on what is the inspiration behind it which the author reveals as a story that is meant to be something else but the author, Romelia Lungu, isn’t ready to reveal a painful story of her life. “It has many aspects from my real life, and the essence of this book is actually real. For the moment I can’t say much about this story, and only a few people will understand the secret behind the story,” she adds.

            The book is about Amelia, her two friends Ava and Olivia, taking a vacation in the mountains and experiencing an unfortunate incident after their relaxing getaway. One of Romelia’s favorite parts in the novelette is when Amelia fell into a huge hole in the woods, and a strange man is helping her get out. She tells that Amelia sees her rescuer and makes herself want to tell more about their story. This connection of herself with her characters is a thing that adds to the complexity of the book. This book would impact readers in a way that the author had refused to reveal, saying, “My editor said it is a disturbing book as the main character is a child, a very evil child. It is a short story, so I can’t say much about it as I will reveal too much for the readers. They have to find out for themselves how the story ends.” A fascinating response that’ll excite readers more into diving into the novelette.

            This exemplary piece of fiction would surely bring lessons to a person’s heart, its theme and genuine message, as the author says is, “A father trying to have a peaceful life but struggles because of his daughter.” The story would exemplify various kind of love that readers can find relatable and entertaining. Even the author is affected by her own book, which she reveals, “It was tough and challenging writing this book but also helped me release some of my bad feelings and thoughts.” This can be the same effect on readers out there. Lastly, the author shares an excerpt from the book:

The first sensation was cold. I felt as if icy fingers touched my skin, pushing me farther and farther into the darkness that would enslave my soul for eternity if I allowed it.

I tried to get up. I was trying to breathe. I was trying to see, to distinguish something, but all around me was just darkness. I was shrouded in the darkness and overwhelmed with the feeling that I would be lost forever. I do not remember when I fell.

I don’t even think I saw the pit. I remember screaming for help until I saw a very tall man on the edge of it. Even from down there, I could see how tall he was, and I was terrified of what he might do to me. I had never seen a man so tall.

He sat on the edge of the pit and let his body slide down toward me. When he reached me, I realized he was not a giant the way I had perceived him. He asked me if I could move, and I shook my head that I could not. I was amazed by his beauty and his long arms, and I could see in his eyes the same sadness that was in me and as if I could feel the same disappointment and pain that I carried in my soul.

He put his hands on my feet to see if I was hurt. His touch made me jerk and move both legs. I realized then that I was paralyzed by his presence and not by the fall.

When he touched my hands, incredible warmth enveloped my whole body. I did not know if it was because of pain from the cuts on my hands or what I felt near him. I felt at that moment like I’d always known him. I felt that we were the same person and that we shared the same pain. Perhaps he’d been put there to end my suffering and alleviate all my pain.

When he touched my face with his big, cold palms, I fell in love with him. I no longer cared that I was in a hole, unable to move because of the effect he had on me. I did not care if we both died there from the cold. I did not care about anything anymore; all I wanted was to die in his arms.”

            This book, Where is the Killer, is written outstandingly, making readers at the edge of their seats every time they flip its pages. A novelette that leaves impact and stays by the reader when it finishes. A disturbing book that entails numerous lessons about love is an amazing read that is a miss to someone who hadn’t read it yet.

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