On Escaping Mysteries of our Reality – Where is the killer

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Freelance Writer: Chris Caparroso

We are all drawn by mystery. It is like a voice coming from the dark, calling you towards the shadows of the night. Because we are living in this fast-paced world, we always crave for anything that can bring thrill and excitement in our repetitive life. Mystery can come from movies, books, art, documentaries, stories, places, and everything in between. This is the reason most people get caught on mystery; it easily fits their interest. Many people who started diving towards the world of the unknown gets drawn to go deeper, and that is the beauty of mystery, it will always leave you asking questions, searching for clues, and looking for solutions.

Moreover, mysteries and thrillers engage and challenge our mind through its plot. We like the puzzles and plot twists, the clever surprises that we did not guess at, as well as predicting what can and might happen in the story. We also learn a lot of new things by entering the different worlds that the plot pulls us into, either through the crime-solver, the victim, or the criminal.

This is what Romelia Lungu displayed on her book titled, Where is the Killer. She tells the story of Houston natives, Ava, Olivia, and Amelia who went to Switzerland for a vacation. But when they got home, two of them committed suicide, or everybody thought—have they been murdered? Who among them is still alive? What does she know about the death of the other? Where is the killer? These are the questions that seeks for answers along the chapters of this novel.

This kind of stories stimulates our minds and emotions. Because most of us are neither crime-solvers or criminals, they let us escape the reality of our ever day lives and enter a world where we know things will work out in the end. It let us discover things that we might never cross upon on our own lives.

Nevertheless, as much as mystery lets you wander what is beyond your own life, it also applies on our reality. Like the mystery of tomorrow, we can never be sure of what will happen in each day passing our lives. There is also the mystery of love, and on how it will come to you. There are many things in our lives that we can never guarantee. These things are mystery themselves. In the end, mystery is all around us, just waiting to be explored. If you have not yet tried taking a peek of what mystery can bring, take some time to look around you, there might be something for you to discover. Maybe it is time for you to go into the unknown. Who knows lies there waiting for you?

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