Annie’s Story

Annie’s Story A Life Without Smell is about a woman who was born with no sense smell. She shares her journey and struggles about living a life never being able to smell. Later on she is diagnosed with Kallmann Syndrome, which is a rare condition that affects roughly 34,000 people world wide. The book is raw, cruel, and heartbreaking but gives a message of hope and strength.
When the symptoms came to light about Covid-19 where the patient can lose their sense of smell, I thought is was important to offer hope to the ones struggling with losing their smell or suffering from Kallmann’s but not yet diagnosed or have a name to put with the condition.
This book is NOT intended to make a profit off of Covid-19, but to offer hope and advice throughout the story. Many will relate with it, even if you can still smell. My writing style is not like others, but it is my own. There is a reference section and a glossary that defines Kallmann Syndrome, and an abundance of information/resources.
My hope is that this series will raise awareness for Kallmann’s Syndrome, offer hope to readers that struggle from every walks of life including but not limited to infertility, lack of/absence of the sense of smell (acquired or congenital), romance readers.

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