Feedback for The Driver

The Driver is a novel with an important underlying message about the power of love and
its ability to fill the void that plagues many hearts. While the work is fictional, it speaks on
real-life experiences of anguish and pain from the past being life lessons to prepare you for
finding your true love. The beginning of the novel starts off relatively slow-paced, but it
developed the characterization of Alex which is a key foundation for the rest of the story.
Towards the middle of the novel, Alex is introduced to his love interest who has a complicated
past, tainted with an abusive lover.

While simultaneously falling in love with Alex, the love
interest, Izabela, is forced to conceal her feelings for the main character in order to save them
both from the wrath of her Marcel, a mafia ring leader. The book elaborates on their tumultuous
love affair through a series of erotic scenes and different points of view. Throughout, you learn
more about Izabela’s history with Marcel and the life events that shaped her character. In the
end, Marcel meets a gruesome demise, and Alex and Izabela prepare to get married and
welcome a child, but their happiness does not last.

As it usually happens in life, complications
arose and Alex received a terminal cancer diagnosis and was taken from the world on his
wedding day. While this ending was quite unexpected, the message of the story continues in the
final letter from Alex to Izabela in which he reflects on their time together as a gift. The pessimism
we often feel about life can be combated by the elation and awakening we get from love and
that was perfectly represented in the relationship between the two characters. The Driver is a
novel for someone who craves depth in their characters and enjoys complex, and somewhat
sad plot twists. While the storyline and theme of the novel were very well developed, I did have
issues with jumpiness and inconsistency in the beginning chapters of the novel. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and felt the plot, characters,
and vision of the novel was well developed and would recommend it to those that have patience and interest in something unique.

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