Third edition

The magazine Books for Life 3rd edition will be shortly live on Issuu.
I am very grateful to all authors they’ve been part of all three editions.
I have to say something very important.
If you are an author and you want to be promoted in the magazine Books for Life please contact me but before your are doing that keep in mind that I charge a small fee for your author page on the magazine. You will receive a free interview which will be published on my website and all my social media.
Dear authors, please do not ask me to promote you for free. To be honest each magazine has at least 2 authors promoted for free but I cannot to do that for all of you. I pay also to design the magazine and even to publish it. I am sure each of you spend a lot much more money in advertising your book and most of the times you do not get any results. I can’t promise you six figures sales but I can guarantee you will see results.
How you will feel if the readers they will ask you for free books? Maybe you will give one or two or even ten. But then? Why do you write if you have to give your books for free?
The same situation I have too. If I promote all of you for free who is gonna pay my subscriptions? Who is gonna pay my time? Me? This is my job, like any of you have one. If it was cheaper I would do that, but is not.
For all 3 editions I took the payment after I did the page for the author but from today I will first take the payment and then make the page.
Do you imagine how I feel when I finish a page and the author is telling me she/he changed his/her mind? Or they don’t want to pay me?
Really? Is not fair…
So please don’t make other people lose their time in vain, you receive what you offer.
I am a very serious person and I deliver what I promise. I am also an author and I also need time for my books. I am full-time author and magazine designer. I am not millionaire so please don’t ask me to do anything for free for you, I accept only if you are honest from the beginning and only 2 authors per edition. I also can wait for the money if you don’t have it right away. I am a human being and I understand everyone, I know we live hard times, but please understand me too.

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