Life as a woman

What is it like to live as a woman? It is beautiful and difficult. It is open and reserved. It is dedication and sacrifice. It is love and regret. In short, it is complex and as varied as there are different backgrounds, cultures, and generations. 

Dive first into the story and tribulations of Romelia Lungu as she opens her heart and her life, openly admitting and exposing her challenging experiences and internal turmoil about what it has meant to her to be a woman. 

In addition, Romelia has welcomed several other international writers, both men and women, to contribute their stories and tales to paint a richly textured portrait of womanhood in this world. Heartfelt thanks to the contributing writers: 
Delia C. Zorzoliu, Catalin Simion, Mark Durre, Daniela Georgiana, Shana Gourdine, Miss Riley, Pauline „Queen P” Atkinson, Natasha George Patrick, Victoria Hyla Maldonado, and La Rhonda Crosby-Johnson.

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