Romelia Lungu on Finding Purpose Through Writing

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Freelance Writer: Vienne Aquino

Living in life, people would experience several setbacks before reaching the success they had planned for themselves. With this, people should treasure their experiences and find lessons within it. Some things can be created from the experiences a person had in his life whether to be good but mostly bad. These bad experiences gear a person to be more prepared as he journeys through life. It helps him grow into a better person and inspires him to start something new. There are times that life would throw rocks on someone for them to shine; it pushes them to get through and rise above their own ashes.

            Romelia Lungu, an author, known for creating several pieces of her in the books she writes, is invited for an interview. This interview tackles her journey as a writer, what pushed her to continue this craft, the trials she faced, and her advice for anyone who wants to pursue writing a book. The first part of the interview talks about when Romelia had first realized that she wanted to be a writer, she said that “In 2015, I realized I wanted to become a writer. After I had a very strange relationship with a married man, I decided that a story like that deserves to be known by everyone. I first published a book in February 2020. I knew it would be a hard job, to write and publish books, but not so hard as I’ve experienced for the last year.” Indeed, a passion sparked by the experience she had in her life. She thinks that “emotion and unique ideas” make a good story and said in the interview that some authors “write and publish what readers like not what authors want. They do this for money and not for their purpose.”

As the interview goes on, Romelia Lungu was asked about the first book that she published and revealed that the first book she published is entitled Perfect Lover but changed it into the now-known Beautiful Madness. This book is written in electronic mode, and Romelia shared that she took the English version because it needs a good editor. It is interesting to note that when the author of six multi-genre books had been asked where she got her book’s concepts, she told that it is “Mostly from my life experiences but also my crazy imagination. An author needs to have a sick imagination to write a good story and outstanding books.” Her works are often a mix of imagination and real-life encounters which makes her books known.

In the last part of the interview, Romelia shared insights that she does when not writing a book, and what is one of the most surprising things that she learned in creating her works. She answered eagerly, “I’ve learned too many things, so many I still process them. The easiest part of all this is writing. It is easy to create a book but extremely difficult to sell that book. Sometimes I am so disappointed because I cannot sell, and I want to quit and give up this dream. I am not writing the ordinary kind of books, and maybe that’s why I am not so popular, but hopefully, one-day people will get to know me. I have so many stories to tell, and most of them have a real part of my life.” She also talked about that she likes to watch movies, cook, read books, and occasionally travel in her free time. She mentions that she wants to travel all over Europe and plans to travel worldwide. The last query for Romelia is to share her advice for aspiring writers: “The most honest advice I can give them is to be prepared. Having some money in their account because it is difficult to have a job and write a book will take them to long to finish it. To learn everything about this industry because there are so many traps and many things to be learned. They need to be prepared to know a good editor because there are too many fake editors on the market to take their money without doing nothing for their book or destroying their book. Self-publishing is easy and free, but marketing is the most stressful and difficult part of all this and the most expensive.” It is beneficial and honest advice for writers-to-be and a good final word for the interview.

Romelia Lungu successfully turned her experience into an asset and inspired her to create an avenue to pursue her dream. This interview sums on what writing had taught Romelia and how it helped her overcome unfortunate incidents in her life. Indeed, an inspiring person to look up to, Romelia is continuously working, writing her thoughts, and putting her life fragments in it. Experience is truly the best teacher, and it is an amazing take-away from this interview. 

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