Where is the killer

An hour later we hear Amelia screaming. She was left behind because she was not used to such a route and did not do any sports to make it easier for her to climb the mountain. I ran every morning and Ava went to the gym and trained for self-defense.   I could hear her, but I could not see her anywhere. We could not tell where her scream was coming from because of the echo. Tavy, our driver, told us to wait there and he would go look for her.

        After twenty minutes there was silence. Nothing could be heard. I assumed Tavy found her when we suddenly saw him coming through the trees alone. I was paralyzed with fear and terror at the thought that Amelia might be dead. We came down from the mountain so we could call for help.

        The rescue team arrived in less than twenty minutes. They told us to go to the hotel and they will let us know if they will find her. We were told that the search would take longer because evening was approaching. We were terrified and unwell.

        We both walked around the hotel room and looked at the phone all the time to see if it was ringing. After a few hours they called us and told us with regret that they had not found Amelia. They said they would continue their search in the morning, but that there would be little chance of finding her alive.

        If she has not been attacked by any animal, she will die of hypothermia. I was already beginning to regret that I was the one who organized this vacation. I would never have forgiven myself if Amelia had died, and I could not have lived with it on my conscience. Ava had already started to cry, and I approached her to take her in my arms to comfort her.

A short story which will keep you on the edge of your sit.

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