I want my life back

I want my life back. I cannot even remember what my life was like before I was going abroad. I no longer know who I was or what my life was like. I no longer know what I wanted to be or what dreams I had. I was still a child, a child of Romania who kicked me in the ass to disappear from her breast. One child leaving another child behind. A child who leaves behind parents, brothers, sisters and other relatives of whom, to this day, nothing is known about their existence. A child who gave up dreams and wishes far too early. I was abandoned and I gave up on people. I was deceived and I deceive people. I was hurt and I did terrible things to other people. I left so naive and got to live like a robot. A skeleton with skin, but without feelings, just in the hope that I will regain my life sometime. A hope that extinguishes with the passing day.

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